Single-Board Computers

Embedded developers deserve great tools. That’s why we created the Piconium, a single-board computer that hits all the right notes. We also offer a curated catalog of peripherals that are every bit as pleasant to work with as the Piconium and guaranteed to be compatible.


In addition to the Piconium, we manufacture or source a suite of peripherals that are built to the same exacting specifications and that are guaranteed to work out-of-the-box with the Piconium.


Have you ever found a single-board computer, only to realize it has a fatal flaw? That happened to us all the time. Some board would be great, but we weren’t sure it would still be available in 6 months. Or, the board had a long manufacturing lifespan, but used a low-performance processor. Or, the board was next to impossible to mechanically integrate into our system. Or, we guessed at the performance that we would need but invariably, we would need just a little bit more after the software was completed. Or, almost always, the documentation and support was so embarrassingly bad that we just didn’t want to embark on the inevitable emotional roller coaster that trying to electrically and software integrate it would be.

Common Features

Your product is only as reliable as its weakest link. Everything we sell has been built to work in demanding environments over long periods of time.

  1. Industrial or Commercial Temperature Grade

  2. Long Manufacturing Life: 5-15 Years

  3. Off-The-Shelf Availability

  4. Standards-Based

  5. Easy Paths to Customization

The x86 Difference

The reason we have chosen to focus our efforts on Intel/AMD based x86 processors is because of software compatibility. There is no richer universe of Operating System and application software. Utilizing x86 (64 or 32 bit) family of processors also offers the industry best performance for graphics and video performance. Every project can greatly minimize OS & software development costs and time by standardizing on the x86 processor family.

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